RDP#4 – Flummoxed

Ragtag prompt#4 is up. Sgeoil is not flummoxed in how to post clearly. Thanks! Happy Monday, and here we go!


I’m excited to bring you Monday’s prompt. If you use “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, “RDP”, and “Flummoxed” as tags, it will be easier to find others who have also used this prompt. A pingback to this post may also make your post easier to find. If you don’t see your link right away, it probably means I have to approve it , which may take a little while on a work day!

We are still early days on this project, and so don’t have a grid available, although we are investigating and experimenting with linking formats and options.

Our volunteer prompters and our days of the week to prompt are as follows:

Happy Writing!

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11 thoughts on “RDP#4 – Flummoxed

    1. It may be a matter of time. Posting from an individual site, each ping has to be approved. Yours happened to come up while I was eating my lunch and online. Anything that comes up over the next few hours will have a delay while I’m working. I suspect Sgeoil is occupied at the moment. We are working on some ways to improve the randomness of this.


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