Hot Stuff

Its June, and its going to be hot this week, predicted to hit the 90’s (32 to 35C for those of you who did go metric) every day. I don’t particularly love hot weather, so I’m not flummoxed on how to order my day. Exercise early, before the heat hits.

I’m a morning person, and I love being out and about as the day is beginning. I ran up on Davidson Mesa this morning, along with many others, some on bikes, some walking alone, some with friends, human and canine. The sun was up, but not yet scorching. Birds sang to each other, and I thanked them for their songs and said good morning. Right now, the grasses on the mesa are lush and green, and if this week continues hot and dry as predicted, they will brown quickly.

Back home, I took a walk through my yard and garden. Overnight, the poppies have popped. I’m always amazed how they go from tightly closed to open in a matter of minutes. The one in today’s photo is a volunteer, next to my early vegetables. Its more intensely orange than some of the others, and is just glowing in the sun! I may not love the heat of the summer, but the lush beauty of a summer morning is indeed a joyful thing.

While the poppy really captured my eye this morning, its not the only bloomer today, here are a few others for your morning stroll.

hot poppy
Today’s Star Poppy
iris and fairy
Iris–they are wonderful this year!
The roses have also burst forth



19 thoughts on “Hot Stuff

  1. Those early morning walks are the best and I love your photograph of the poppy – absolutely beautiful! :o) xxx

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  2. We were in peak summer in May, with temperatures going up to 37C, along with 70% humidity. Road running was quite a challenge. It just started pouring now – the monsoon is officially here and I’m cheering. Those are lovely flowers – such bright and vivid colors.

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      1. lol. It happens, gardening is like housework, you just get finished and there’s more to do! lol it’s a “thankless” job in a sense, but rewarding so I guess that makes it a labour of love?! 🙂


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