Hurry Up!

Good morning, its me Lucy One White.Lucy One White

While Friday is my usual day for writing, I am going to do some extra writing today, because the word rapid is something I have very strong feelings about. Most things that arise in me have a strong sense of urgency. I need what I need and I need it now!

Some may imagine that as an older woman cat I might be more relaxed and easy going. Au contraire. I Lucy am in a hurry. I do indeed do a lot of resting, because as you know, cats need a great deal of rest. Thus, when I am up for an activity, it is Very Important that it occur promptly, with a rapid response to my announcement of need, so that I can then get back to my resting.

This morning is a good example. I waked up about 4 am and was quite thirsty. So I got Mama Steph up to give me a drink at my sink. At 4:15, I had to get her up for another drink, with petting on my back. She still tried to go back to bed, but I reminded her that I had serious needs and took her downstairs with me. Once I got her in the kitchen, I had to keep coaching her (read yowling) to stay on task, preparing my morning medications. She kept trying to make her coffee, which she says is her morning medication. Finally, she gave me my first medicine (pill dissolved in water and then with 1/2 and 1/2, that’s what takes the time–mama steph).

After first pill, Mama Steph went and sat down with her coffee and was doing some reading. I Lucy still had more needs, I was HUNGRY. Mama Steph said I could eat the food that was in feeding station A (aka the dining room). But I Lucy know better–that was Used Food–she had mixed up that canned food for me hours ago (3am says Mama Steph, that’s only 2 hours). No, my need now is for fresh food. Once again, I had to yell and yell at her to get my information across. Finally, she mixed up my second medication, potassium for my kidknees. I take that in salmon. Today I took it okay, but I was still thirsty, so I wanted extra cream with it. But I ate it all up. Aren’t I Magnificent?

I still had urgent needs though, so I keep yelling at Mama Steph. She picked me up and gave me scratch and massage. Wrong. I wanted to go outside. She said no, it was Too Dark. That makes me so mad, I Lucy am almost 20 years old, I can go outside if I want to. Mama Steph still said no, so I Lucy kept yelling at her. Finally, Mama Bets let me go outside. I went down to my little creek and had a drink and then I came back in. There was plenty of light out, Mama Steph was wrong before when she said it was dark.

This has been an exhausting morning. All this work to get my needs attended to, and now I have to do writing. I’m going back to bed. I hope your day is easier than mine.


Lucy One White

ready for my rest after a difficult morning!


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