I loved the “monkey bars” when I was a kid. Grasping onto one bar, swinging to the next, moving along. We used to challenge ourselves to skip increasing numbers of bars. First, a hand on each bar, then skip one between grasps, then two, and finally three. None of us on the playground could go more than 3 bars, as our arm length was a finite limiting factor.

Since then, I’ve used this activity as a metaphor. In order to move forward, one must release their grasp on the hand in back. Only by releasing what is behind, the past, can one be fully moving in the present and able to progress. And of course, just as soon as one arrives in a new place, its time to let go again. Infinite opportunities for practice! Catch and release of a different sort.


11 thoughts on “Grasp

  1. As an adult I have actually tried the monkey bars and just grasping the bar hurts my non-callused hands. I guess metaphorically, sometimes moving on can be painful but the more you do it the tougher you get.

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    1. Very true. As I was writing this, I also recalled the process of developing the necessary calluses, and the blisters and rips along the way. As you aptly note, it does fit with life’s journey as well

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    1. Yes, I recall my mom being somewhat aghast at my calluses and bruises from the bars, monkey style and later the unevens. She really couldn’t understand that I found such things fun, and didn’t particularly mind the physical insults that came along with the process.

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