I. It must be cracked For the chick to emerge or Even for breakfast.   II. Broken promises Litter the highway of dreams Dealing with what is.   III. Another record Broken and still heating up Time for some new plans.   IV. The teachers tell us A broken heart is a fine Invite for […]

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Juxtaposition Some of this and some of that A surprise pairing.   There is a massive addition/renovation going on at my community recreation center. I’ve been enjoying the juxtaposition of this beautiful bed of flowers at the entrance, paired with all the machinery and stuff of construction. What a difference a few feet makes! Juxtapose“>Juxtapose

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Haiku Bubbles

I. Champagne Fizzy on the tongue Effervescent delightful I am drinking stars.   II. Wrap Protective cushioning Its plastic covered air Less postage more waste.   III. Beverly Sills She sang everywhere The Met and Sesame Street Opera for all.   IV. The Boy No immune system Protective isolation Hard way to survive.   V. […]

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Lawn Party

I. Wickets, mallets, balls Players and a patch of lawn Summer fun for all II. Snow falling again Coating trees flowers and grass Snowmen not croquet Mallet“>Mallet

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I like words that I need to explore a little, to check and clarify if my felt sense of what it means is in fact accurate. With today’s daily prompt,  it was fun to discover that my inchoate sense of inchoate was correct! Some of my best leaps in learning or thinking come from this […]

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Explore. It’s a fine co-traveller with one of my other favorite words, curious. Bring your curiosity and let’s go exploring. No special venue required, and with this approach, many ordinary things can be interesting. It can help transform the mundane, although I must admit that it wasn’t much help when I did my taxes last […]

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I. Sirens penetrate Awareness warning some plans Are going awry. II. Skies coloring changes Warning of something whether It’s weather or not. III. Bird song quietly Begins volume increases Warning of sunrise.  <a href="http://Warning“>Warning

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I. In general, small In science, one-millionth Just a little bit. II. My eyes don’t see them Microbes how can they matter Can’t live without them. III. One flake falls then two Tiny and ephemeral Soon its a blizzard. Micro“>Micro

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Tri This: Taking the Plunge

Well, I finally did it. I signed up for a sprint triathlon this summer, with an open water swim. Its the TriBella Women’s Triathlon, to be held at Cherry Creek Reservoir on June 23. Thirteen weeks, but who’s counting? I am. Time to get serious, or more accurately, more disciplined, about my training. I’ve been […]

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Sound Off

It is said that a weed is a plant growing where it is unwanted. Following that model, I find noise to be unwelcome sound. I am a sound sensitive person. Loud environments, with many sounds coming from many sources are difficult for me. Like most people, once I know what a sound is, I can […]

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I loved the “monkey bars” when I was a kid. Grasping onto one bar, swinging to the next, moving along. We used to challenge ourselves to skip increasing numbers of bars. First, a hand on each bar, then skip one between grasps, then two, and finally three. None of us on the playground could go […]

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Excitement growing I’m captivated, hopeful Spring is arriving. Captivating“>Captivating

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Messy Meanders

I’ve read Bil Keane’s Family Circus comic strip for many years, and had been thinking about Billy’s meanders the other morning while working on a project. I was in the basement, working on getting my seed starting setup going for this year. I went up to my office on the second floor to get the […]

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I wonder about Many things of many types What to ponder next.   Mountains and oceans Birds and beasts and thunderstorms Stars and galaxies.   A tiny seed transforms Becoming a new being Plant or animal.   A mountain rears up Breaking through the planets crust. Slowly it erodes     Wonder“>Wonder

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On International Women’s Day

That a “Day” is required speaks to the issue. For millennia, the prevailing social structures on this planet have been patriarchal. Literally, that’s father-rule. This shows up in all facets of society. Founding fathers and God the father, and an original idea is often referred to as seminal, from seed or semen. Did you know […]

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Parrots in Palm Trees

Not my usual, but typical for Ocean Beach, the San Diego neighborhood we are visiting. We are staying in a small one bedroom apartment a block from the ocean. Our first evening, there were a lot of sounds to acclimate to in this new environment. Our neighborhood is densely populated, but we are on a […]

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The String Cheese Incident

Travel day. BA and I are going to take a few days at the ocean. Travel so far is going okay. Going through security, I hit the first snag of the day. I could see they were scanning and puzzling over something in my daypack. No surprise when they asked to search it. The surprise […]

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Dim Hopes

I. Winter’s dark goes dim Orion fades with the dawn Shoots of spring emerge II. Hope slowly rising Barely discernible and On the horizon III. Shifts are happening Subtle to most observers No less real for that   Dim“>Dim

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