Cozy — Two Haiku

7 thoughts on “Cozy — Two Haiku

  1. Ice, sleet under foot
    Circles in the cold morning
    Seeking my adobe

    Plan? It did not go
    Duvet pinned under my chin
    Fight another day

    Inspired by my day: a little bunged up and under the weather, planning to run and let go of the tether. Found myself lost on muddy grass, so I returned home beneath an urban underpass. To get the jump on my outgoing haze, has been the purpose of my last few days. Alas, today it was not to be, but I fear not because more than most I am free.

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    1. Interesting. I certainly prefer the esthetics of a book. On the other hand for space considerations an e reader is good. I read a little on my I pad, but the glare is an issue. Considering a designated reader for that. More stuff😜. Glad you liked the haiku

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