Daily Prompt: Neighbors

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Neighbors

  1. I wish I was close to some of my neighbours! I only know one person in my entire building and I rarely see him. When my nephew was little, he thought the entire building was mine because we never see anyone.


    1. Wow, that sounds uncomfortable. Its been a long time since I’ve lived in an apartment building, and I did end up knowing everyone to say hello to, although I wasn’t particularly close to any of them. Now living in a neighborhood of houses, we tend to meet when we are out and about. A bike and walking path goes behind my house, and I deliberately haven’t put up a privacy fence so that there is a bit more contact with people as they pass by. It does add to the sense of community, even as we may not know each other’s names. I would have to say that by and large, we are not close, but we recognize and appreciate each other. Saying hello helps!

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      1. Oh that sounds lovely! I do say hello as that is how I was raised, but I literally just don’t see people. I must have a very different schedule than the other people in my building.

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  2. yes, there were certainly times in my life where I had a much more intense schedule and wouldn’t see people at all. We also often laugh as we are most likely to meet during really big snowstorms when everyone is out clearing walks and driveways, and at home because the roads are so bad. An odd time for a neighborhood get together, and it happens every year!


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