Birthday Spin

A few years back, the adult daughter of one of my skating friends posted a video of herself doing a spin on her birthday. The idea caught my fancy, and I decided to follow her lead.

Last September, I was slowly amping up my skating after shoulder surgery. You may not think that skating requires a lot of upper body strength, but it very much does. An important predictor of a female skater’s ability to complete triple jumps is her upper body strength (being under 30 and very well-trained helps, too). Mine wasn’t a brilliant spin, but it was centered and clearly recognizable as a spin, so I put my version up on Facebook last year.

This year, I’m stronger, more fit in general and I’ve been skating a bit more. My fantasy was to have a more complicated spin this year, and that hasn’t happened. Perhaps next year.

Here’s this year’s version: Thanks to Coach Nancy for filming!

Happy 62nd Birthday to me!

6 thoughts on “Birthday Spin

    1. Happy late birthday, Steph! I think your spin looked absolutely perfect and graceful! And considering how you and I tripped through our gangly high school years, Graceful is a wonderful accomplishment! (Which some of us have yet to achieve…) Love the “spin if I want to” song, too. Although I may be less pleased when that song is still going through my head in 8 hours. Ha! Hope your birthday was great.


  1. Happy birthday! And although you made the spin look very easy, I suspect there’s plenty more to it than meets the eye! I think I’ve only ever been on an ice rink once or twice, I imagine it was more Bambi than beautiful in my case!

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    1. You’ve had a lot more running miles than I have, and I’ve had more skating miles than you. Both of us have options for improvement. And yes, you’ve recognized a significant feature of skating (along with gymnastics, diving and dance in particular) It involves making something that is very difficult look easy.

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