Tri This: Month 2

Its hard for me to believe, but I’ve just finished the second month of my triathlon training adventure. My original plan was to start training, review my experience monthly, adjust training plans accordingly, and decide whether or not the process was one I wanted to continue.

All of that still applies. The big surprise to me is that I am now entered in a mini-sprint race, Tri this: I’m in! and that it will occur in less than a week. Holy cats! Also surprising to me is that when I signed up for the race, I really didn’t pay much attention to my travel plans. I’m on the road, and I didn’t quite “grok” how much this would interrupt training (more details on just how much in an upcoming post).

The good news, my hip and back issues are much less problematic. I understand the issues involved and I’ve been able to be much more functional, especially with running. Big relief! Training has gone reasonably well, I’m happy with my progress, and look forward to more growth and conditioning as I proceed. I have a new bike, new wheels  which I really like. Swimming is my comfort place, where, while I am training, its not intense and my body doesn’t experience much stress. One of these months, I may start doing some more intense swimming training, but at this point, I’ve been just putting in moderate distance work at a comfortable pace. Building base, I think its called.

I’m renewing my commitment to train for another month. Its still fun, I’m still learning and growing and that’s the point. Meanwhile, I’ve got an eclipse to go watch!


2 thoughts on “Tri This: Month 2

  1. I really love your mindset for all of this Steph–evaluate if you’re still having fun and enjoying yourself and growing, and then deciding to move forward from there. It’s a really healthy way to look at training I think!
    Enjoy your eclipse!


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