Rumblings of Pleasure

Borborygmus is the singular, but I’m using borborygmi, the plural, because who ever has just one gut rumble. One of my favorite words, and a fabulous demonstration of onomatopoeia, a word that sounds like what it represents.

Said in a low, rumbling sort of voice, borborygmi does sound like tummy rumblings. Despite our many years of living and an absurd number of years of education, BA and I can still sound like fifth graders being mildly naughty when we grumble out borborygmi and giggle. There’s just something about body sounds that is amusing. We may attempt to be dignified and serious, and then here come the sounds that tell the truth. We are embodied beings, with busily working systems. If your gut isn’t rumbling, its a sign of trouble, so you might as well enjoy another sign of life and health.

As we rumble and gurgle our way into the day, join the party. What are your favorite words and sound combinations?


Inspired by today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Borborygmus  Thanks, Mary for such a fine choice!

7 thoughts on “Rumblings of Pleasure

  1. I love onomatopoeia, although it’s a tough one to spell. So many words sound like what they mean: Swish, slice, hiss, bubble. . . .but I have to admit, today’s prompt is a dandy 🙂

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  2. I love how you paired ” borborygmi and giggle.” Because boborygmi/boborygmus sounds like a high-falutin’ word until you know what it means and then it make you giggle. It does me anyways. I enjoyed your essay.

    I like how onomatopoeia can be almost the same but a little different in different languages. LIke “meow” in the USA is “nya” in Japanese and “miao” in Italian (rhymes with “ciao”, lol)

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      1. I heard in Chinese, ma had five different meanings depending on the inflection. I can just see the verbal misunderstandings that would cause here — in English, people have misunderstandings when it doesn’t matter if the word rises, falls or stays even. Shudders imagining tones changing word meanings — recipe for disaster here.


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