Calliope and Ragabash

Calliope and Ragabash went walking hand in hand.

All around the island they were searching for some land.

Piles of phrases and scraps of speech

Lay scattered cross the beach.

Lonely punctuation and pictures partly drawn

Wondered what had happened, where their careers had gone.

They had heard the sirens, wondered what they’d meant

They hadn’t known the warning signs of editorial intent.

Calliope and Ragabash continued on their walk

Wondering as they wandered if it was safe to talk.


For Ragtag Daily Prompt #9: Ragabash

2 thoughts on “Calliope and Ragabash

  1. I once got to play a calliope for about an hour. They have keyboards, like pianos, but instead of hammers hitting the strings of a harp, bells ring. What a GREAT sound.

    I keep hoping some of these old words will come back. I understand that languages change and has always done so, but I miss some of the rich colors of language I remember.

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