Summer’s Hope

Someone I knew once commented that gardeners are optimists, looking ahead to possibility and planning for growth and a future reward. As I gardener, I do recognize this in myself, and the excitement that comes as seeds are purchased and started for the upcoming season.  I started my tomato seeds last weekend, under lights and […]

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Tomatoes, Finally!

As I mentioned earlier in Strange Gardening, this has been a very unusual year in the vegetable garden. Some varieties ripened as expected and lasted their usual length of time (green beans, squash), others bolted very early (spinach), and still others lasted much longer than usual (sugar snap peas). And then there are the tomatoes. I love […]

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Strange Gardening

  This is my 29th season of vegetable gardening.  I began when I bought my house, and started from bare dirt.  There have been many iterations over the years, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that no two gardening seasons are alike.  What thrives one year may be a total bust the next, and vice […]

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