C is for Corona

Corona means crown or crownlike structure, and it is the gaseous outer rim of a star, normally visible only during a total solar eclipse, as shown in today’s featured photograph. This past year, we’ve learned much more than we ever wanted to know about coronaviruses, and one in particular, that which causes the Covid-19 illness, […]

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Eclipsed! Plan Crash, part 2

When last we left our intrepid travelers, they were in Evanston, Wyoming, preparing to fight off the rampaging hordes. Not really, but the events that prompted¬†Eclipsed! Plan Crash¬†had me feeling a bit that way. During the airport phase of our trip’s rearrangement, there was also a significant amount of rescheduling and connecting with people going […]

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Eclipsed! Plan Crash

Thursday was travel day. The plan was for my partner BA and I to fly to Wisconsin for her niece’s Friday evening wedding and then very early Saturday morning, fly to Oregon to connect with our group for the solar eclipse. It was going to be tight, and we were getting up WAY TOO EARLY […]

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Eclipse: The Beginning

Salem, Oregon. Willamette University Campus. Carleton College Alumni Adventures. Total Eclipse of the Sun. It’s going to be an adventure, however it turns out. I wrote the above words before we started our trip last week. As you may know, not everything went according to plan, see Eclipsed! Plan Crash. Once our impromptu road trip […]

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