Lined up and ready For the starter to send them Off to the races.   Inspired by today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: Serried Welcome to our new Tuesday prompter: Margaret of From Pyrenees to Pennines! Come visit the Ragtag Community page and follow to share in the fun.

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Well Hail, Part 2

Louisville could now be known as the land of the Tarp People. ┬áTarps cover broken skylights on roofs and many cars with shattered windows are also sporting a tarp or plastic sheeting, along with ample amounts of that homeowner’s friend, duct tape. In my neighborhood, nearly every home has something bandaged. At the same time, […]

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I. Food comes first to mind Then an enticing language Andiamo, ciao.   II. Shorthand for a meal, Or sandwich, sausage, people An entire country.   III. On the list of places I hope to visit, exploring and discovering.   Inspired by Ragtag Daily Prompt: Italian Come visit the Ragtag Community Blog and follow to […]

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Do Over?

A great extinction Recovery then great flood Here we go again?   In response to today’s Ragtime Daily Prompt of Antediluvian .

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Target as Journey

Take aim at your goal Go for growth and improvement Progress towards health.   For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: Target Come visit the Ragtag community and enjoy the prompts and posts!

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Five summers ago, BA and I visited Iceland, taking advantage Icelandair’s policy of a free stopover on our way to Europe. We took four days exploring the southern part of the country. Our lodgings were set each night, and included two nights in a former elementary school that was now a small inn. Aside from […]

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Before I bought my house 30 years ago, I had never heard of clematis. My house was new; I was starting from dirt in terms of landscaping. That first spring, my brother and I built a deck I had designed, and I was talking with some of the folks at my office about my plan […]

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I. Ominous in its Anonymity, the threat Infiltrates my dream.   II, Uncertain about What it is and certain that It is unwanted.   III. Proofreading each page Of my thesis. When turned, the Words fall to the floor.   IV. Fundraising on both PBS and NPR Member already.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt #6: […]

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Hot Stuff

Its June, and its going to be hot this week, predicted to hit the 90’s (32 to 35C for those of you who did go metric) every day. I don’t particularly love hot weather, so I’m not flummoxed on how to order my day. Exercise early, before the heat hits. I’m a morning person, and […]

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