Its a Sign! Pacific NW Edition

I’ve spent the last several days in NW Oregon and SW Washington. I love this part of the world, and its very different from my usual residence in Colorado. Found a few signs and bumper stickers to share. Some strange, some funny, and others simply very different from life in Colorado. With this first sign, […]

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Its a Sign!

Of what, I don’t know. Strange signs, advertisements that are goofy, things that may not be communicating what they intend to be. So for curiosities sake and entertainment, I present the following: In a recent grocery ad in my local paper: Wild and Farm Raised cannot both apply to the same piece of salmon. While […]

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Word Funnies, Part 3: Mondegreens

Mondegreens are rampant, we’ve all said them, and many are hilarious.  So what are they and why do they have such a strange name?  A mondegreen is a word or phrase that results from the mishearing of something said or sung (Merriam Webster). Sylvia Wright coined the phrase in a 1954 article, writing about how […]

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Word Funnies, Part 2: Malaphors

Whats a malaphor?  A blended idiom, combining two phrases.  A combination of Malaprop and metaphor.  I’ve enjoyed these gems for years, having a fondness for the absurd.  Only recently did I learn the “official” term, when a Facebook friend of mine linked to one of Dave Malaphor’s posts, and from there I found his site: I’ve […]

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Word Funnies, Part 1: Malaprops

I’ve long enjoyed malapropisms and the little twist of surprise that comes with hearing one. So what are they? From the Oxford dictionary: malapropism (noun) the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect, as in, for example, “dance a flamingo” (instead of flamenco) synonyms: wrong word, solecism, […]

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