The Zoo Book

via Daily Prompt: Zoo September, 1973. I arrive at Carleton College as a freshman. One of the items we are given during our orientation is the “zoo book”, a small book containing the names and photos of the members of the class of 1977.┬áIn most cases, the photos appear to be our high school graduation […]

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Eclipse: After

I joined a Carleton College Alumni Adventure and traveled to Salem, Oregon to experience last month’s total solar eclipse. Totality is a relatively rare event from the perspective of a human lifespan and the limited geographic area covered by a single eclipse’s path of totality. Thus, travel may be required to have a direct experience […]

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Eclipse: The Beginning

Salem, Oregon. Willamette University Campus. Carleton College Alumni Adventures. Total Eclipse of the Sun. It’s going to be an adventure, however it turns out. I wrote the above words before we started our trip last week. As you may know, not everything went according to plan, see Eclipsed! Plan Crash. Once our impromptu road trip […]

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