Friendly and welcoming, to strangers or guests. This is often used in reference to lodgings, and also to environments. Where will I be comfortable? Antarctica or the Hilton, or somewhere in between? For me, and I suspect most of us, it depends on the day. Hospitable comes from the same root as hospital and hospice, […]

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Living with Elder Cats, part 2

One of my first posts when I began blogging was about my cats, Jules and Lucy, in Living with Elder Cats. Lucy has made two subsequent appearances  in The Cat Crunchie Caper and  Elevate. Today its Jules’ turn. As I mentioned when I introduced him, Jules has arthritis in his hips, which makes sitting a very laborious process as […]

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The Cat Crunchie Caper

via Daily Prompt: Caper A few weeks ago, I wrote about my aging cats, in Living with Elder Cats, prompted by Lucy being ill for a few days. This weekend, Lucy demonstrated further recovery. Coming into the house after a trip to the pet store, the bag of very expensive prescription cat food ripped open, spilling onto […]

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Living with Elder Cats

Nineteen years ago, Jules and Lucy came to live at our house, darling little kittens. Now, at 19, (92 in cat years), we are in the thick of dealing with aging.  They have conditions common to older cats; each has some kidney impairment and an overactive thyroid. Jules is arthritic, Lucy has a bit of […]

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