I haven’t ambition To use today’s clues In forms that once written Amuse not abuse. I’m sorry my friends This is all I will do In response to the prompts Of ambition and clew.   In response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt of Clew and the Daily Addictions prompt of Ambition.

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Why Wasn’t I Informed?

Good morning, its me, Lucy One White. Why Wasn’t I Informed?  I Lucy am forced to say this often, as it seems that I am left uninformed about very important matters. A bowl may be placed in front of me while I am in a snit, and I will not be informed that it contains […]

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Bad Dog, Stephanie!

Today’s writing prompt of cur took me in a somewhat absurd direction–that of the daffynition.  With apologies in advance, here’s your dose for the day. Watch your step! Occur: Exclamation when one is disappointed in the dog’s behavior. Recur: Breeding dog, or a puppy. Currant: The expression of an angry dog. Current: The cost of […]

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My Theory

My theory, that is to say the theory which is mine, that is MY THEORY. This comes from a Monty Python sketch featuring Graham Chapman as a tv personality, interviewing anthropologist Anne Elk, played by John Cleese. You can check it out here if you’re interested: I must confess to being a very long […]

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Its a Sign!

Of what, I don’t know. Strange signs, advertisements that are goofy, things that may not be communicating what they intend to be. So for curiosities sake and entertainment, I present the following: In a recent grocery ad in my local paper: Wild and Farm Raised cannot both apply to the same piece of salmon. While […]

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Labor Day Pet Parade

One of my favorite events here in town is the annual Pet Parade. Held an hour before the “big” parade, its a two block parade on Main Street. Children bring their pets, animal or stuffy, costumed or not, and awards are given for age group winners; preschoolers up through teens. The parade starts with the […]

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Tri This: Month 2

Its hard for me to believe, but I’ve just finished the second month of my triathlon training adventure. My original plan was to start training, review my experience monthly, adjust training plans accordingly, and decide whether or not the process was one I wanted to continue. All of that still applies. The big surprise to […]

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Word Funnies, Part 3: Mondegreens

Mondegreens are rampant, we’ve all said them, and many are hilarious.  So what are they and why do they have such a strange name?  A mondegreen is a word or phrase that results from the mishearing of something said or sung (Merriam Webster). Sylvia Wright coined the phrase in a 1954 article, writing about how […]

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The Cat Crunchie Caper

via Daily Prompt: Caper A few weeks ago, I wrote about my aging cats, in Living with Elder Cats, prompted by Lucy being ill for a few days. This weekend, Lucy demonstrated further recovery. Coming into the house after a trip to the pet store, the bag of very expensive prescription cat food ripped open, spilling onto […]

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Word Funnies, Part 2: Malaphors

Whats a malaphor?  A blended idiom, combining two phrases.  A combination of Malaprop and metaphor.  I’ve enjoyed these gems for years, having a fondness for the absurd.  Only recently did I learn the “official” term, when a Facebook friend of mine linked to one of Dave Malaphor’s posts, and from there I found his site: I’ve […]

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Word Funnies, Part 1: Malaprops

I’ve long enjoyed malapropisms and the little twist of surprise that comes with hearing one. So what are they? From the Oxford dictionary: malapropism (noun) the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect, as in, for example, “dance a flamingo” (instead of flamenco) synonyms: wrong word, solecism, […]

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