Lucy: My Early Days

 Good morning, its me, Lucy One White. Today I thought I would tell you a little bit about my early days. I’m remembering it a little bit cause my Moms are doing packing. I don’t like it when they go away. I think they should ALWAYS stay home with me Lucy. They say they need […]

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Lucish, the Language

I’m back! Its me, Lucy One White. Today, I’d like to tell you a little about my words. The best language is Cat, but as my Moms are not so good at understanding Cat, I’ve also learned their language. Of course, I’ve had to adapt and improve it for my purposes. Mama Steph says this […]

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Cat Tales: Toto

Toto. aka Uncle Toto, the Tangerine Dream, Snow Pants, Butterfly Jumper, Totus Toto started his career in our neighborhood living next door, with his human mom, a human brother and sister, two feline siblings, Tiger and Trigger, and eventually a black Lab named Codie. A long-haired deep orange fellow, Toto was most engaging, and would […]

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Some Things I like

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White. It has been pointed out to me that my last two posts, Lucy’s Lament and Introducing Feline Fridays were a wee bit critical. While I can’t help it that I have very high standards, being a cat, and am ‘snickety by nature, today I will write about some stuff that I […]

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Introducing Feline Fridays

Thus far in my blog, I’ve mentioned a few of the cats in my life, primarily Lucy and her late brother Jules. Former neighbor Waylon had a Cat Tales episode. Lucy got a chance to dictate to me in Lucy’s Lament, and she’s decided that she would like to contribute more of her perspective to this blog, setting […]

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Lucy’s Lament

I Lucy despise tardiness. I am particularly offended when such tardiness pertains to the provision of essential services. To wit: I am cat woman of some years, with serious health conditions requiring medications. Even as I dictate this report, one of my service people, Mama Steph, is rolling her eyes. Back to my medication. I […]

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Cat Tales–Jules

When I wrote the first Cat Tales post a few weeks ago featuring our former neighbor cat, Waylon, I had roughly sketched an order of appearance for the cats I planned to include. What was I thinking? These are cats, after all, known for doing things in their own way and own time, with little regard […]

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Good-night, Sweet Prince.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”  William Shakespeare, Hamlet. Today we said good-bye to Jules the cat. He arrived in our lives more than 19 years ago, along with his sister Lucy. He’s been a wonderful fellow, even tempered, easy going. Such a sweet […]

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Cat Tales–Waylon

Sunday is laundry and change the sheets day at our house. As I removed a load of sheets from the dryer this morning, there was an ancient purple sheet in the mix. BA is a weaver, and is currently working on rag rugs; the purple sheet was being prepared for its next incarnation. Looking at […]

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Living with Elder Cats, part 2

One of my first posts when I began blogging was about my cats, Jules and Lucy, in Living with Elder Cats. Lucy has made two subsequent appearances  in The Cat Crunchie Caper and  Elevate. Today its Jules’ turn. As I mentioned when I introduced him, Jules has arthritis in his hips, which makes sitting a very laborious process as […]

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Today’s Daily Prompt: Elevate  That’s my job several times a day. Our 19-year-old cats, Jules and Lucy made their debut in Living with Elder Cats. Since she was a kitten, Lucy has had a great fondness for drinking out of the faucet. Lets be more specific here, since she is. She likes to drink out of the faucet […]

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The Cat Crunchie Caper

via Daily Prompt: Caper A few weeks ago, I wrote about my aging cats, in Living with Elder Cats, prompted by Lucy being ill for a few days. This weekend, Lucy demonstrated further recovery. Coming into the house after a trip to the pet store, the bag of very expensive prescription cat food ripped open, spilling onto […]

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Living with Elder Cats

Nineteen years ago, Jules and Lucy came to live at our house, darling little kittens. Now, at 19, (92 in cat years), we are in the thick of dealing with aging.  They have conditions common to older cats; each has some kidney impairment and an overactive thyroid. Jules is arthritic, Lucy has a bit of […]

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