L is for Loud

In the aftermath of the Marshall Fire, it’s been loud around here, and I expect that it will get louder. In fire recovery, demolition is getting going, removing old foundations (the heat weakens the concrete so it is no longer structurally sound) and all manner of burnt objects, from bathtubs and air conditioners to bicycles and the rusting remains of lawn furniture. So there are enormous trucks hauling things off, backhoes large and small moving things, much more traffic on the streets early in the day.

And many of the homes not destroyed are having work done. Almost all of us are getting our ducts and furnaces cleaned, and many are having attic insulation removed and replaced. Trucks everywhere, with pumps and and hoses and vacuums. It’s a noisy and busy place.

In my house, I awaken normally in the morning, and often while sitting enjoying my coffee and reading the newspaper, the clanking and banging of trucks on their way to work is heard. A reminder that normal is different now than it used to be. It will be interesting to see what happens as time goes on, with more demolition and the eventual reconstruction.

And as I write this, there are more grass fires burning in the southern part of the state, and its going to be windy and warmer than usual again over the next week. We are all getting used to a changing world. And I just got a text that we’ve got yet another red flag warning. Gonna be a long summer.

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