No Hurry

I guess I better hurry, this post was “due” on Saturday.

Actually, I’m not hurrying. It will or will not get done. Part of this challenge for me is allowing. This is my first month of full retirement, and I’m tired of feeling obligated or scheduled. So, doing things when and if I feel like it is the plan. It’s an interesting goal and I’m discovering things about myself and how I operate, which is part of any good journey in my opinion. Back to hurry. I don’t particularly like to hurry, or do things in a rushed fashion. At the same time, I’m pretty good at finding efficient ways of attending to tasks at hand and do enjoy getting stuff done efficiently. Save the time for something else, like writing or sleeping. This shows up when I’m cooking, where I often cleanup as I go along, and I can time things so that the components of a meal finish at the same time.

It also shows up in orderliness and habits. I keep my keys in the same place and do the same for travel tickets, checkbooks, sunglasses, gloves, stuff like that. It saves aggravation, as well as time. My partner BA is not of a similar mindset, so it can be challenging. Over the years, I’ve learned that if the time I need to budget for a task such as leaving the house to go somewhere is X, then it’s 2X if it’s done jointly, and since her neurologic adventures began 3 years ago, it’s more like 2.5 X; 3X if she’s more tired than usual. If I keep myself oriented to the circumstances, it reduces the wear and tear on both of us, and there’s less sense of urgency, of needing to hurry.

Years ago, I was at the hospital making rounds on my practice’s inpatients. I encountered a fellow physician who commented that I appeared entirely too relaxed for a doctor. His way involved a lot of rushing around. I’ve never liked rushing, and to avoid it, I’d get up earlier in order to finish my hospital work without rushing. Efficient, a method to the madness, yes, that’s me.

No hurry, no worry, that’s okay by me.

7 thoughts on “No Hurry

    1. They do judge by results — their own! As the only sales rep at a small student loan company, I was once told that I shouldn’t work so hard because it made others in the company look bad — my take on the situation was that I had a job to do to make the company look good — if others felt diffferently, it was their issue, and not mine!

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  1. You sound exactly like me, at least as far as orderliness goes. I hate being late and I hate hurrying. So for me, the easiest thing is a kind of mental tidiness. I don’t procrastinate, but I also almost never hurry either. Garry is not of the same ilk — and never was. Oh well. I suppose it’s the differences that make the magic.

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