D is for Ducks

Ducks? OK, Steph, you said the themes for this month are retirement and fires. How do ducks fit in?

Well, mid-morning yesterday, BA and I were taking a walk. Down to the tiny “fishing” pond in an open space area half a mile from the house. And sure enough, there were ducks and geese down there. Many paired off, as ’tis the season, others not. It was fun watching them swimming about, quacking and honking. I saw some turtles, the first of the season, sunning on the mini-island. We hung out for a while, enjoying the birds, and the sights and sounds of spring. The redwing blackbirds were singing away, as were tiny finches. Flickers were tapping, crows were crowing, jays were yakking. And some red-tailed hawks soared overhead.

A pretty fine thing to spend some time being part of, unhurried, on a weekday morning. Welcome retirement!

Written in response to the D prompt for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge

4 thoughts on “D is for Ducks

  1. I find that I would far rather be out and about during the week, when everybody else is tucked in at work or at school, than on the weekends when everybody else is outside. I enjoy the scenery much more without the hustle and bustle of people!

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