Good Morning

I awoke to interesting things this morning. Six inches of snow, and a temperature of 10 F, that’s -12C. Happy April 20. While colder than normal, snow is not uncommon around here in April, or even May.

And then, I checked my email. This morning’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Encephalopathy. Yikes. I do know the word, like the prompter, I’m a family doc by training. But to write about it? Sounds like homework.

So, after half a mug of coffee, I bundled up and went outside to shovel. Clearing the driveway and walks, I marveled at the bright sun, which is a lovely feature to follow an April snowstorm. If I get things cleared fairly well, the sun will do the rest. Neighbors were also out and about, some shoveling, another walking her dog who was unamused by the cold. And a few doors south of mine, one of my neighbors, J, was tottering as he shoveled a bit and cleaned the snow from his wife’s car. He moved very slowly. And I realized that he does have encephalopathy. His primary illness is liver failure. And when the liver, one of the body’s main metabolic processing organs (the kidneys are the other big one) fails, toxins accumulate in the body, and can lead to encephalopathy, or a troubled brain.

The ambulance has come twice for J this year, both times following a seizure, the result of his encephalopathy. I’ve been surprised that he’s come home, and has partially rallied, and that he still gets outdoors at times. He’s clearly unwell, and yet he’s still participating in life. He can’t do much, and he does what he can. Good for him.

Its cold, its snowy and icy and the sun is out, too. Enjoy what you can. Good morning, all.

This was the view out my back door at 6:30 this morning:

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Bear and I really wish we were there. I couldn’t write to encephalopathy so I abandoned the promo and talked to my beans. Allegedly they are poets and I thought it was time they churned out a little something


  2. It’s been in the high 80’s in Southern California for the last few days, but is dropping to mid-70’s by mid-week! I’m glad J was out doing what he can do, but hope he doesn’t overdo when he shovels snow!

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  3. We got snow the other day and today it’s snowing slightly south of us in New York. I know they have gotten snow here as late as early June, but typically early April is the end of it. We had a gorgeous day today, but it’s supposed to sleet or snow tomorrow. Spring in high latitudes is different. Unless you are in Oregon, of course.

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