Late Lilacs, or Life is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans

Earlier this week, Tuesday, I had started this post, about lilacs, inspired by their emerging flower buds noted on Monday’s walk: Lilacs are one of my favorite spring flowering plants. Their fragrance and colorful blooms are a delight. Like many seasonal treats, their blooming season is short, and I’ve come to recognize that this brevity adds to my enjoyment. Now. There may not be any in a day or two. My plan was to expand the draft, and I’d be all set to go on Wednesday morning.

As they say, life had other plans. BA has been working on her income taxes. Tuesday night, she commented that she was mostly done, but there were a few places that were giving her trouble. Would I help? So Wednesday morning, I helped. It took most of the morning, but everything got sorted and we got her taxes filed, to her great relief. Then, there was grocery shopping and cooking and all the usual chores that I plan for my day “off”. We got a short walk around the lake, then it was dinner time, a little TV and reading and time for bed.

So I didn’t do my Wednesday post on lilacs on schedule. One of the things I’ve been learning over these past few years is to better prioritize things, and to let go of stuff that may not matter. Yes, doing this A to Z blogging challenge is something I want to do and I am happy about writing again. At the same time, as I find that a lot in my life is about duty and obligation, and holding schedules and plans more loosely allows me to be a bit easier. It also makes writing more fun. I really don’t want it to be an obligation, that sounds too much like work.

And while the photo that inspired the original lilac post is here, I’m also recognizing that the lilacs are likely putting their blooming process on hold as well. After last weeks very warm temperatures, this week its cold and grey, and we’ve had snow and rain, at least a little, every day. Not a good time for flowering. We are all adjusting, and as is almost always the case here in semi-arid Colorado, we need the moisture!

Written in response to the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

5 thoughts on “Late Lilacs, or Life is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans

  1. I love lilacs… we don’t have them here so much but the giant wisteria sort of reminds me of the big purple lilacs in Maine. I like your thoughts about making writing not be so much of an obligation because you are right, it will make it feel sort of a chore and writing always should be fun and relaxing and enjoyable task. Cheers,

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  2. I’ve been doing less because I needed to catch my breath between posts. It had become work and I felt more obligated than enthusiastic. That snow yesterday reminded me that we think we know how the world works, but really, we can only describe the world. We have no idea how it works. Or why.

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