H is for horseradish, hospital and hope

also hands, hearts and home

hook and ladder

hoop and hula

hangers, hopscotch, hockey, hill

hops for beer and bunnies but not for scotch

horrible rhyme, best not to watch.

homo, hetero

hare and hair and heir

hiccups and hairballs

no raindrops or roses

my heads random droppings

scattered down through the pages

very bad word work, not made for the ages

sometimes its humor, sometimes release

H is for horseplay, hot sauce and hawk.

I’ll stop babbling now, don’t stay and gawk.

Written for the blogging A to Z Challenge. I’ve been pretty serious the past few days, and while today may be brought to you by the letter H, I’m in a tired and nonsensical space, not inclined to shoulder much complexity. So here you go, Ragtaggers.

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