Its in Our Hands Now

A mob tore through the US Capitol building on Wednesday. Incited to destructive action by a deranged president, this group of deluded individuals, largely white and male, fancying themselves patriots, but more accurately stooges of right-wing propagandists, broke through an inadequate line of police and into the Capitol. People were killed, breakage occurred, objects, possibly of national security significance were stolen.

I find myself appalled, but not particularly surprised. This has been building for several years, this inciting of paranoia (our way of life is being lost, “they” are out to get us) True enough if you’re a corporation or very wealthy white man who views sharing or questioning of anything as a personal affront.

The good news here is that on this global stage, a number of people who have been actively denying this, hoping it wasn’t true or would simply go away (read many Republicans) have had their illusions shattered. The spell is at least partially broken.

Now more hard work begins. Going forward, we are challenged to both continue to break the spell, hold many individuals accountable for their actions (sedition, treason, etc) and find a way to begin to heal and become a more unified and inclusive country. Perhaps something of the truth and reconciliation councils used in South Africa will be useful. Its time for the United States, having had a full on adolescent tantrum and many of its self-serving illusions shattered, to now begin the very challenging work of growing into maturity, addressing ourselves to the world as it truly is, not as we wished/imagined/fantasized it to be. It is in our hands now to go forward in a healthy direction. Not remotely easy, and critically important.

Peace and healing to us all on this journey to become true global citizens.

2 thoughts on “Its in Our Hands Now

  1. What does it mean for the US to go forward? What will it take?
    More a rhetorical device than actual questions, Steph! But somewhere, somehow, the US surely has to start trying to actually answer such questions rather than continuing digging into entrenched, reactionary positions. I’m about to head to Jeff Cann’s blog to share an outsider perspective on this! (Wot cheek!)


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