Superior, Part 2. Marquette

Hello again from the North country, or as is often said around here, the U P (Upper Peninsula, or yooper)  We are in Marquette, Michigan, staying at the town Tourist Park (aka campground).  Its a pretty nice place, with water and forest, and very close to the town and Northern Michigan University. We arrived yesterday and liked it well enough that we are staying 2 nights rather than the originally planned one.  We will see less of the Superior coast, and we will also be less rushed and have more time to explore.

First stop on reaching town was the laundromat.  Everything — clothes, towels, sheets got washed.  I was reminded of the efficiency of the laundromat. From the time I left my parent’s house when I went to college to when I bought my own house 14 years later, I was a regular patron of laundromats.  While there is an inconvenience of not being able to “throw a load in” when the impulse arises, there is certainly the efficiency of arriving at the laundromat, loading as many machines as needed with one’s dirty laundry, moving it to dryers in 30 minutes or thereabouts, and in another 30 minutes there is a lot of clean and dry stuff.  I did it once a month without fail during med school and residency  (I did have a lot of socks and underwear).

Back to Marquette.  Washed and fed, we checked into the campground.  As mentioned, it has a convenient location. Presque Isle Park is nearby, and we went for a walk and exploration of this beautiful place.  Lots of walkers and bikers as well as many drivers.  There are times where the main loop road through is closed to motor vehicles, making it a fine place for exercise.  If I lived here, I imagine I’d be up there all the time.

Presque Isle Park, Marquette
The lighthouse near Presque Isle Park
Charley Kawbawgam sign, Presque Isle
An earlier Presque Isle resident. Note his dates. 103 years is a long life for anyone!
Ducks, Presque Isle
Birds off presque Isle. This photo doesn’t show it well, but they have unusually long and pointed bills. Not sure of the species. Duck-sized, but a little different.

After this lovely visit, we settled in for the evening at the campground, with leftovers for dinner, and a few visits with fellow campers.  Then we were treated to a lovely sunset.  This photo was taken 20 feet from where the van is parked.  Not a bad place to be at all.

Sunset Marquette
Sunset at Marquette Tourist Park, 9-16-19.



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