Superior, Part 1. Amended

I’m reposting an edit of this.  The original was put up from my phone as I had no internet access.  Now I do, and I’ve discovered that most of the photos never uploaded.  So I hope this adds a few more.

On the BIG LAKE. We reached Lake Superior on Wednesday. It was windy, rainy and chilly in Duluth. We spent the night at Indian Point Campground, managed by the city of Duluth. The rain may have dampened our outdoor ambitions, but the presence of a laundry at the campground inspired tidying. A load of wash was done, and the cassette toilet and sink greywater were emptied.

We had hoped to explore some walking paths along the lakefront and watch ships go under the lift bridge, but the weather Thursday was windier, wetter and expected to deteriorate. Checking the ferry schedule, I noted the comments that ferries might be canceled due to gale winds expected later in the day. With this in mind, we resupplied at a local grocery, gassed up the van and headed over the bridge into Wisconsin.

A few hours later, we arrived in Bayfield and were soon in line for the ferry to Madeleine Island.

Rainy ferry wait
Our Rainy wait for the ferry to Madeleine Island

Thirty minutes later, we arrived safely and were soon driving across the island to Big Bay State Park. We checked in, found our site and went for a short exploratory walk. First discovery was that we were a long way from the bathrooms. Tough in the rain and BA with her somewhat dodgy balance finds that extra challenging.

There was now only a misty rain so I unloaded my bike and rode over to the office. Fortunately there was a very nice site just across from the bathhouse and we were easily relocated. Hooray for the offseason!

After a stormy night, we awoke to a pleasant, if overcast, morning. After a birthday breakfast of green chili and eggs, we headed out and had a nice walk to the beach and the along a boardwalk between the beach and a lagoon. Interesting vegetation and different trees. As a Coloradoan, I’m familiar with many evergreens, but these pink pines were firsts for meimg_0375

Pink pines with their pinkish bark

A wonderful little “fairy garden” at Big Bay State Park

Returning to the van we had a snack. BA was ready for a rest and I rode my bike into town. A very pleasant ride which was a good thing as town itself was disappointing. The Friday farmers market was cancelled, the restaurant we were hoping to have dinner in was closed for a private party, and the two markets in town that advertised produce had onions potatoes and carrots. One of the markets had a sign stating that they were no longer getting dairy products delivered as they were closing for the season September 30 (this was on the 13th).

As they say, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. My birthday dinner was spicy butternut squash soup and a toasted bagel with the last of the garden tomatoes from home. Not bad at all.

The next morning we were greeted by sunshine! We ferried back to Bayfield and had a gorgeous drive into Michigan. We’re now at McLain State Park on the Keweenaw Peninsula. A fine walk around yesterday and a few nice walks today.

Yesterday was bright and sunny with a breeze. Today is overcast and still and the lake is oddly still. Autumn is clearly on the way, with trees beginning to change. One of the trails we walked today is also used for cross country skiing, with signs posted on a number of trees 10 feet off the ground. They must get a lot of snow.

BA reaches for the trail marker
Autumn is coming

Autumn hints

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