Today’s RDP is Breathtaking.  This is the view from one of the hikes I took this past weekend.  It was my first overnight camp in my van, and as a shakedown cruise, it went pretty well.  I figured out what worked as anticipated and what could use improvement. And of course, there are always new questions and issues that I hadn’t even considered. I also took a few rides on my mountain bike and did a few hikes as well.

This state park campground (Golden Gate Canyon) is at altitude, 9200 ft or 2800 meters, so it wasn’t only the views that were breathtaking, I was feeling the altitude on the uphill bits either hiking or biking.  I’m really grateful to have such beauty near me, and I’m also glad that the weather was cool and clear while I was there, not snowy as hit a few days ago. Without further ado, here is the view from the aptly named Panorama Point.

Panorama Point

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