Spring Snow

The weather folks were right this time, and yesterday’s rain turned to snow overnight.  We got about 4 inches.  The roads are mostly clear, as the retained heat melts the snow on contact.  It’s a different story for the plants. Leafed out trees bow low, and I’m sure there will be some broken limbs from the extra weight. Hardy plants should mostly be okay, if they aren’t crushed and broken. More cold sensitive plants, that many, teased by last week’s temperatures in the 70’s (25C) put out can be in trouble.

Around here, our “official” last frost day is in late May. Some years it happens in early May, and other times, we’ve had snow on Memorial day. It’s tough to garden with such a short season.  I’ve had my warm season tomatoes out for a few weeks now, but they are protected by Cozy Coats (also known as Wall O Waters), which are a series of water filled tubes that surround the plant. The structures warm the ground prior to planting, and then the heat absorbed during the day by the water radiates back to the plants and soil overnight, providing some protection from the cold. I’m hoping they’ve done the trick, and that my tomatoes will start growing quickly once things warm up again in a few days. protected tomatos

Yesterday, I posted a photo of our columbine in full bloom.  The photo next to it is what that spot looks like today.


Happy spring, everyone, or autumn to those of you in the southern hemisphere–such a changeable time of year.snow weighted trees

For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of SNOW.

13 thoughts on “Spring Snow

  1. Wow! Gotta love those spring storms. That’s the first time I’ve heard of those cozy coats. I’ll have to look into them, they’d be really useful here. We ran into snow on our travels this weekend in BC, but nothing like what you got! Thanks for posting a word today.

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  2. I used cozy coats on my tomatoes when we first moved here and had a real garden. I think I got mine from Gardener Supply Co., and they were called walls of water, but I just went there and they don’t have them now. I used to plant seeds the end of May, then as soon as they were sprouting nicely, we’d get frost. I gave it up – all vegetable gardening is now done in a portable fashion so it can come in on cold nights. My one tomato plant hasn’t even made it outside this week – cold and very windy. We had a week of spring – it was lovely. Wish it had lasted longer.

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    1. yes, its really challenging, isn’t it? I had a hard time finding wall o waters, and then looking on Amazon a few years back (to replace the worn out Walls) I found the cozy coats. Same thing, only red.

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  3. Wow Steph, that looks like a decent blanket of snow again! We had a very cold snap earlier this month which passed within a week. Hope you’ll get the warmer weather back soon and I love those Cozy Coats 🙂💖 xxx

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  4. Good to see the Cozy Coats. I’ve decided I’m not trying hard enough with my gardening efforts in the off-season. We are on our track for our warmest May on record. T-shirts instead of gloves and beanie. I’ll send a little of our warmth your way, Steph.

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