Strange Looks

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Eyebrow.  I chose it in response to some recent sightings of what appeared to be very curious stenciled eyebrows.   At the fabric store, the clerk cutting my material had brows that were at least 3 times the usual size painted across her brow and forehead. I’ve seen these a number of times and wondered about them. It was difficult not to stare and try and figure out the point of this decoration. There may not be a point, and I do recall from my long-ago youth certain “beauty” habits and styles that others may have found only strange.

Searching a bit on the web, I see that having a well-defined eyebrow that is dark and prominent is in vogue these days.  I also see very thin, highly arched brows as well, quite the range of extremes. Looking a little further, I find a vast range of products and services designed to enhance one’s brow. Shaping, coloring, volumizing gels, powders, cremes and pencils. Tattooing on more eyebrows, waxing away unwanted brows. There’s yet another industry I’ve been largely unaware of. I knew about dyeing eyelashes and getting eyelash extensions done, but I hadn’t realized the amount of attention that eyebrows are receiving.

Our eyes are very expressive, and the eyebrow can certainly accentuate that expressivity. It is also said that eyes are the window to the soul, and some of the eyebrows I’ve seen recently have had me so distracted that I feel I’ve missed an opportunity to connect.  I recall working with a client a few years back who had such enormous eyelash extensions that it was hard to focus on her words and emotions as I wondered what it felt like to have lashes such as hers.

I understand that cosmetics can alter our appearance and change other’s perceptions of us, and I certainly appreciate the value of  makeup as part of a performance. I also value my own time and energy and cannot imagine spending hours every morning “putting on my face”, complete with stenciled brows before going off to work at a job where such efforts contributed little, if anything to my doing the job well. That’s me, and to each their own.  If messing with their eyebrows gives someone pleasure, who am I to fuss. I’d still rather drink my coffee and read the paper.  And if I need to accentuate my eyebrows, I’ll see if I can find my “Groucho” glasses!

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Strange Looks

  1. My eyebrows have always been very light and very thin, almost non-existent. After chemo, they were non-existent, so a few years ago I had some tattooed on because I was weary of spending my time penciling brows on every day. It’s been wonderful, that freedom – and it’s led me to using almost no makeup other than lipstick. A little B&B when I go out amongst the folk is all.

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  2. How anyone can stand the heaviness of extra lashes I have no idea. I’m lucky to get some mascara on without sticking myself in the eye or smudging everywhere. Then of course I sometimes drop it and then see bits of mascara everywhere. Eyebrows a mystery to me. Luckily I have bangs and glasses so don’t have to be precise😂

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  3. I too have seen unusual, and prominently painted brows and wonder if someone should tell them it is a bad idea. I have refrained from saying anything but still pass a silent judgement that I then try to erase.


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