Arboretum Benches

I had something else in mind for today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Bench, and then life, with its attendant adjustments of time and commitments intervened.  Instead, I’ll give you the photos I took yesterday while walking through the small arboretum near my home.  A fine variety of benches, for resting, art, eating, visiting or simply enjoying the sounds and smells of spring.

bench 1memorial benchpicnic benchsculpture benchstone bench

8 thoughts on “Arboretum Benches

  1. I really love the sculpture on the bench. We have some “people” sculpture in Boston. Standing or sitting on benches. Mostly former mayors or other sorts of famous people. They make great photo backgrounds for tourists, too.

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  2. As did others, I really love the two kids on the bench. I hope there is another, similar bench close by, so that other children can be inspired to sit and read there too!

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