A New Favorite

As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I bought a van for traveling.  The young couple who originally owned it had lived in it full time for over a year and had built it to suit their needs.  There were good bones, and it didn’t completely suit my purposes. Weather and time permitting, I’ve been working on making some modifications.  First up was elevating the bed in the back so that bikes could store underneath. I also removed some cabinetry that didn’t work for me, either by location or in some cases design that resulted in stuff flying about the van while traveling.

My large project this winter was working on a multi function bench.  Goals: seating for two, support for a table, general storage, storing a toilet, and providing  sturdy step access to and from the elevated bed. All pertinent for use by us “older” folks. This has been an interesting design and build project.  Its mostly done now ( I’m finishing up the back and upholstered cushions). I’ll share photos and details at a later date.

Construction has been interesting.  I don’t have lots of experience, but I’ve done some stuff in the past, and as a long time homeowner, I’ve had a lot of practice at fixing and figuring out how to do things.  And then there’s that wonderful resource of YouTube. I don’t have a fancy shop to work in, and in some cases, I’ve borrowed  tools and expertise from friends and family. Thanks!  I’ve also added to or updated by existing tool supply, and while I haven’t succumbed to the temptation to outfit a full wood shop, its been a challenge.  One tool I did buy and am recurrently delighted by is a rechargeable battery powered brad nailer.

Being able to quickly secure pieces together (in addition to glue and screws) has been great. Hammering has never been my best skill, and after shoulder surgery, I really don’t want to do a lot of that. This little tool works so well at what I need it for. I don’t have to have an expensive, noisy and unwieldy air compressor, I can just use this relatively lightweight and mobile device and Bam! things are attached. Like any tool and skill, it has taken some practice to use effectively, but it’s been easy to pick up and it has made such a difference. A good tool really is a wonderful thing.

brad nailer
My current favorite tool, this Ryobi brad nailer.

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