A month ago, I hadn’t heard this term.  When I first heard it, I thought “over dramatizing again”.  Now we’ve had two in the past month. A bomb cyclone is a weather phenomenon, defined by a very rapid drop it atmospheric pressure; falling more than 24 millibars in less than 24 hours. Warm and cold air masses collide, bombogenesis occurs, and a major storm follows.  What’s a little different from the “usual” cyclone is that these two have happened in the middle of the United States, hundreds of miles from an ocean. You can read more about how it works and what’s predicted here.

Where I live, on Colorado’s front range, we’ve been just on the edge of the storm.  The first time, we got about 8 inches of snow and some big wind, and this time only about four inches and less wind. Given that it had been 80 degrees F (27C) the day before, it took quite a while for snow to accumulate on the well warmed roads.  It was icy yesterday morning (air temp 16F (-9C)} and it had melted out well by morning as the spring sun did its magic.

To the east and north of here, in the upper midwest, it’s been a mess.  Snow measured in feet, howling winds; severe blizzard conditions. Air and road travel is limited.  The last storm, there was massive flooding due to runoff, and huge losses of livestock in the fierce conditions. Because the ground is warmer this month, it is hoped that much of the moisture will soak in rather than running off and recreating last month’s massive flooding. Stay tuned.

For me, it’s been mildly inconvenient.  You may recall we had a massive hailstorm last June, which destroyed pretty much every roof in my town. I had hail coming down inside the house after the baseball sized hail broke through a skylight.  The skylight is long ago repaired.  Wednesday (storm day) was the day my new roof was supposed to be installed.  The solar panels came off on Tuesday, and they are snugly resting in the garage.  Today, Friday, most of the snow has melted off the roof, and I’ve spoken with my roofer.  They are going to remove the old shingles today, and with any luck, the new roof will go on Monday morning. My house is intact, life is going on normally.  Gratitude seems appropriate.

A bumper sticker I saw years ago appealed to me then and applies now: MOTHER NATURE BATS LAST.  How suitable in the opening days of baseball season.  Enough cleanup already.

For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Cyclone.

10 thoughts on “BOMB CYCLONE

  1. In my part of the world (Oregon) it has been an unusual winter, but not extreme. Thankfully. I wonder if our world will survive if the weather keeps growing more and more extreme. Between weather and politics, it looks grim.

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  2. Hopefully your weather will last through next week! In So Cal, we are having variable but mild weather this week — temps up to 80, wind in the mountains but calm by the beach, clouds predicted for later in the weekend — based on that, you should be ok unless there’s something else coming down from the north that collides with it! And there’s “no such thing as climate change!”


  3. Not only does she bat last, she’s the team playing at the bottom of the ninth hitting a walk-off homer that leaves the park and is never seen again. When she hits it out of the park, it stays gone!

    Every once in a while, our meteorologist — the really GOOD one — murmurs “This is climate change at work!” and moves on. I get the feeling that his orders include “not alarming the public” because in private, he’s pretty damned alarming.

    We’ve just got nasty, cold, damp weather here, but there’s a LOT of snow just to our north and some ugly weather in Canada. We’re going to get the tail end of YOUR storm. How much of it we’ll get, no one can really be sure because these storms aren’t forming the way they usually form or in locations typical for this kind of “perfect storm.”

    The way the winds blow has altered around the world. They actually had a hurricane in Switzerland this year! That NEVER happens. They had to come up with a word for it!

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