Since this avalanche came down last weekend, there have been several more, and the risk in the backcountry is now rated extreme (10/10) throughout the state. Despite all the snow, it’s actually too snowy to ski safely in the woods.

Hello again, Ragtaggers. It’s Friday and today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is AVALANCHE. It’s the snowy time of year here in Colorado, and with that comes avalanches. This

is one of many phone taken videos of it crossing a major mountain highway last weekend. Fortunately, no one was injured.  Have fun with avalanche and share your results with us. Thanks! And if you’re in the snowy mountains, be careful out there.

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4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: AVALANCHE

      1. It is, we live just east of the foothills. I get minor avalanches off of my solar panels, which simply require reshoveling my front walk. So far, no unwary person has been buried.

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