Building More Than Blogging

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been writing much these past few months.  There are a number of reasons behind that, all part of life. A major contributor is my purchase of a van last August.  A van?  Well yes, a van. Specifically, a 2016 Ram Promaster 2500, 159 wheelbase hightop.

A commercial/work van, and also one that works very well for conversion to a living van for travel.  Mine had already been converted by a young couple who had been living and traveling in it for a year.  They were selling it so they could pay off some debt and work on their next edition.

When I bought it, I knew there were a lot of things about this van and its conversion that I liked as well as a number of things that I wanted to change. And after driving it back to Colorado from Bend, Oregon, I discovered more things that I wanted to change. So, I’ve been building. Taking out that which didn’t work for me, and adding what I wanted/needed.Rhoda

My “spare” time (and money) has been spent getting basic repairs done, new tires, licensing and inspections, all that good stuff that comes with any vehicle. The van is in good shape and should go many miles and years.

Thus far, I’ve removed some cabinetry I didn’t like and kept breaking loose from its moorings while traveling. I’ve made a new shelf for my inverter/battery (there’s solar on the roof) and have wiring to clean up and organize.  I’ve raised the bed another 4 inches so I can store and transport bikes in the “garage” and installed the mounting hardware for the bikes. I replaced the broken slides on the refrigerator box. I now know that I need to do another replacement there, using locking slides, that suckers heavy and it’s a moving vehicle.  I’m learning a lot.

I removed the seat/box they used to store their dog’s supplies and am in the process of replacing it with a multifunctional bench, which has been a complicated design, engineering and construction project.  The bench will get its own feature down the road. I hope to get it finished in the next week or so.

I’m building more than blogging and learning and developing new skills. It’s pretty fun, and I look forward to continuing to learn on this project. By spring, I hope to be ready for some road trips.  Stay tuned!


For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Build.

24 thoughts on “Building More Than Blogging

    1. When the time is right–my skills are rudimentary, but growing, and since much of it was done, it seemed a more manageable project than starting from an empty van, although that temptation exists as well. Maybe post-retirement.

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    1. I agree, Marilyn. Mobility and flexibility are key for me. Its a bigger vehicle than I normally use (honda civic), and it still fits in a standard parking space (20 feet long). Enough for comfortable enough travel, and still manuverable, and I’m not driving a bus!


  1. You are too cool. I’m so envious. This is something that my wife and I want to do after our kids settle down on their own. May you have many happy road-trips. Please, at some point blog about the interior and give us a photographic tour.

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  2. wow! your van sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear about your travels. Plus since i want a travel, a van sounds more doable (meaning being able to get in the near future) than an RV which was what I was thinking before. thanks for the great idea.


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