BA and I are in Madison, WI for a few days, visiting some of her family and going to see a cousin’s photography on display at the Chazen museum.  We’re staying at an airbnb.  Its a small one bedroom apartment in the walkout lower level of a home. Quiet and just fine for our needs.

We haven’t met our human host yet, but we’ve met Lucky, the host dog. He’s a gentle old mixed breed dog, medium large size, with a head that seems a little small for his body.  He came down yesterday afternoon, and hung out with us for some time. He likes scratch on his ears and chest, and snoozes a lot. We left the connecting door open when we went to dinner and when we returned home last night, he was gone.

A few minutes ago, there was scratching on that same door, and Lucky has arrived.  He gave a quick sniff around and is now snoozing away on the carpet.  I suspect his person has gone out for a while and now he’s seeking company. A pleasant and undemanding dog friend to have around. His name is Lucky, and we’re lucky to have him as a visitor and host.

For Thursday’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Friend.

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