Let the Sun Shine

I am sad that this song from the musical Hair, fifty years old, feels more pertinent today than ever.

I object to current use of violence, lies, disrespect and manipulation in the service of greed and power. Open your hearts to the people, planet, the universe. Release the fear, remember the beauty. From the same musical, Let the sun shine in!

And despite all the nastiness and meanness, there is still beauty, so important to remember. Here’s this morning’s sky, just before sunrise:October Dawnsunrise clouds

It is easy to be hard, choose peace anyway.


For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Object.

13 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine

      1. 😦 I thought we’d be more articulate, more committed to solving problems, have a higher aesthetic consciousness, a better sense of humor, that education would be valued highly, that conservationism would be second nature. I did not fully perceive the immense powers of greed and laziness, and the absence of curiosity.

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  1. One thing back then that we seem to lack now, was a powerful movement for and around love. It’s was spoken in the clothing, the language, music, communities of hope. It didn’t solve all our problems but there was comfort in it.

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