What a Difference a Day Makes

Cycles, rings, spirals. All patterns of movement, recurring events or themes. Yesterday was the end of the growing season here. It was a beautiful autumn day, with a clear blue sky, and a high temp of around 70F (21C). The weather was predicted to change overnight, with several inches of snow, and today the high is predicted to be 21F (-6C). Thus far the forecast appears accurate. Its cold and snowy.

Here’s the same pot of geraniums, 18 hours apart:

Big weather swings are common here, and I am still struck by the change. Yesterday, I was comfortable working outside in shirtsleeves, and today a jacket, gloves and waterproof footwear matter.

In the garden, I harvested the last tomatoes and cleared that bed, putting away the cages and walls of water. It was a really sad year, tomato-wise, with only a few small tomatoes and none of my favorite heirlooms. The worst harvest in 30 years. It was the opposite with carrots, with my best crop in 30 years. A year of contrasts. My apple tree fruited after 3 barren seasons and now we have many pints of applesauce to enjoy. Once again, I am glad that I am not dependent on my garden for either my food or my living, the vagaries of each season are so clear.

The snow will melt, skies will clear, and plants will grow again next year.


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12 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. While you are “colding” we are to be warming. In my mind, it is far too early for snow – but then unless it’s Christmas, I usually think it shouldn’t snow. Snow is for kids. I’m no longer a kid.

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  2. We are getting nothing more than a cooler day. The sun is shining, the plants are shriveling in the cold, but it’s a beautiful fall day. I guess this is what makes the San Luis Valley a desert. I’m sure Indian Summer will follow this storm.

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  3. What a contrast Steph! We have swung the other way, from icy Arctic Winds to an Indian Summer. Hope you all stay warm and cosy! :o) xxx

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