While running some errands today, I noticed this display.  Magnetic false eyelashes. This struck me as very odd, so I read the package. According to the directions, you put one layer above your upper eyelashes, and the other below them, creating a lash sandwich held together by magnets.  Quick and easy, no messy adhesive, or so they say. I’m imagining the slight extra weight and having my upper lid feeling a bit out of balance.

Not for me, thank you. My eyebrows aren’t perfectly shaped, I don’t wear false eyelashes, magnetic or otherwise. I’m off-fleek, and happy to remain that way. I’m sure I can find a better use for thirty dollarseyelashes 2

21 thoughts on “OFF FLEEK

  1. I hadn’t heard of those. Bizarre, and they seem like they would be uncomfortable. Also seems hard to believe they would stay in place all day.
    The lashes in the bottom row of the package seem sort of creepy crawly.

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  2. I did have eyebrows tattooed on. They had always been sparse, and chemo pretty much took care of what was there. It’s partly vanity, partly feeling good about oneself. I’ve considered false eyelashes, because chemo did its number there too – but you know what? Even mascara is getting to be a pain these days, so what the heck. I am what I am.

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    1. Yes, its a big deal, apparently. Not only false eyelashes, but eyelash extensions. Not appealing to me, and I agree it can be very distracting to have such an exaggerated feature. Useful if one is on stage, but otherwise downright odd, in my opinion.


  3. My experience with the opposite sex is that half the stuff women do to themselves has no effect on men at all. Maybe the other half has a big effect, I don’t know. It’s not really something I’ve ever understood.

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  4. I’ve recently learned that a couple of women I’ve known for years, get monthly eyelash treatments. It is essentially a hair weave for your eyelashes. I can’t imagine spending the time or money for something like that.

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