Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Color.

I love the colors of the natural world; plants, rocks, clouds, water.   Autumn is often spectacular with changing leaves. Owing to our long hot dry summer, followed by a rapid cooling, our colors have been somewhat muted, and many trees are rapidly going brown and then dropping their leaves, as this tree outside my office window illustrates: office tree

As I review photos I have used over the past year, there are a good many that have a lot of color, so I’ll give you a mini-tour of color:

Enjoy our colorful world.

4 thoughts on “Color

  1. Thank you for the lovely mini-tour. Our colors this year have been outstanding, which completely baffles me because we had a dry winter and a dry summer, with extremely heavy layers of smoke in our skies for much of the summer. Seems to be the oopposite of what I’ve read creates the color.

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