What’s in a name?

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Truck. Here in the US, the first meaning that comes to most of us for truck is a large motor vehicle used for hauling goods. Small ones “pick ups” to enormous tractor trailer rigs “18 wheelers” or “semis”. In Britain, at least some of those vehicles are known as lorries.travel-2012203_1920

And then there are “hand trucks”, more commonly known to me as dollies, for transporting heavy stuff around, but propelled by an individual rather than a motor.carry-1296561_1280

Truck farms. No, not where vehicles are grown, and not the same as a farm truck. Word order matters. Most often a smaller farm growing a variety of vegetables.


And truck, meaning to countenance. “I have no truck with that”.

To finish, in the language of my youth, “keep on truckin”.

Have a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

      1. I like “A Touch of Grey” — I didn’t until I was stuck in traffic once and heard all the lyrics…

        I know the rent is in arrears, the dog has not been fed in years
        It’s even worse than it appears, but it’s alright
        Cow is giving kerosene, kid can’t read at seventeen
        The words he knows are all obscene, but it’s alright


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