Coddiwomple–now that’s a word!  A new one for me (I’m not up on my Old English Slang) meaning to travel in a purposeful manner towards towards a vague destination.

I was awakened by loud wind gusts early this morning, and finally gave up and got up a bit after 4. A few hours and a cup of coffee later, I headed out for my run. I was greeted by this umbrella neatly resting in this ditch, which is part of our storm water management system. As may or may not be clear from the photo, this is a ten or twelve foot deep channel. The fences in the background are around 6 feet tall. The umbrella itself is a big one, 7 or so feet across.

It must have been quite a sight sailing on this morning’s winds before landing at this destination, previously vague. A coddiwomple journey. As I finished my run, the umbrella was gone, presumably back in its accustomed location. A short lived flight for freedom.


For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of coddiwomple.

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