Goodbye from Lucy

Lucy One WhiteHello, Lucy One White here.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, my oldness has been bothering me. I started writing this last week, and then I got too sick to keep writing, so I told Mama Steph what to say for me and she is writing it after I crossed the Rainbow Bridge to go visit my brother Jules and Uncle Toto.

I lived with my moms for a long time, 20 in people years. I had some really good adventures while I was there. My favorite things are mostly playing outside, doing chasing and hunting games. Merry chase was my very best game, where I make my Moms try to catch me and I let them get close and then run away again. It was so fun. I mostly liked to play that game with Mama Bets, but sometimes I’d let Mama Steph play, too. She wasn’t as fun, because her has long arms and she catched me too fast.

I also liked hunting games; I liked the little snakes that I could catch in my yard, and it was extra funny ’cause Mama Steph gets jumpy around snakes. I also sometimes hunted mouses, and there’s one that got away in the house behind the dresser. I’ve been looking for it for years and I think its still there (I caught it and put it outside some 10 years ago–Steph). I Lucy still check on it and look for it.

Eating and drinking has been a good thing for me, too. I’ve written a lot about all my drinking stations, from sink drink to porta puddle to my hose stand fountain. I liked them all, but sink drink is my favorite. I Lucy liked eating a lot. Its hard to believe because in my later years I’ve been really skinny, but I was once a fat cat, with a flap that wiggled when I walked. That was a little hard, and then I was just right for a long time. Seven pounds was perfect for me.

Like all cats, I was a sleeping expert. I knowed all the good places for naps, some of them very secret and private so nobody would bother me. Now that I’ve moved on, I can tell some of them. Under the bed is a good place. There is also a place in Mama Steph’s closet behind her long fuzzy (that’s a robe) that is soft and dark and quiet. My moms would forget that it was one of my good places and get all worried when they couldn’t find me. That was my indoors version of merry chase.

Night sleeping time, I almost always was on family bed, on top of Mama Steph or in her leg valley. Sometimes my brother Jules would get to close to my valley (his place was in her foot valley) and I would yell at him. Sometimes we would have loud discussions about this in the night and my moms would be grumpy about it. I don’t know why they would be so cranky. Weird human stuff, I think.

As I got to be an older woman cat, I did some advanced studies in lap work. I learned how to get on anybody’s lap, no matter what they were doing and how to make sure I stayed comfortable and got the rest I needed. I did very well in these studies and was asked to do instruction for younger cats. I also taught advanced pesting and nagging classes. It was an honor to teach the next generation of cats.

I was a little sad to leave my moms, but I’m mostly happy to be in my new place. My brother Jules and Uncle Toto are helping me out, and I’m meeting some of the other cats from the old neighborhood. The weather is really nice and this weekend we are having a camping trip. I get to stay out as long as I want and don’t have no stinking curfew. I Lucy am happy. Thanks for reading. Goodbye.

22 thoughts on “Goodbye from Lucy

  1. Dear Lucy, Mindy T. Dog, here. I understand how it is to become a very old animal. I also lived a very long life and when my time came, I was mostly happy about it, though my human was sad. I went to the enchanted forest this past April. Once in a while I look in on Martha and Dusty and Bear to see that they are OK, but mostly I’m happy here with an endless foodbowl (and I never get fat), and my old friend, Lily T. Wolf. I’ve met other canines who lived with my human and I’m happy to know them, too. There’s a person here who looks after us because without a person, a canine’s life is meaningless. I don’t imagine you felines have such a need, but I don’t really know. We were really lucky animals to have found humans to love us. Your pal, Mindy T. Dog ❤


  2. Dear, dear Lucy! You are such a good writer. You have helped so many of us humans understand the life of a cat. My Wiki isn’t so good at writing, but she read all of your posts. She is sad that you are gone from this world, but happy that you are in another wonderful place. She asks if you will look in on Mahi, her brother who had a brain disease and got really crazy. She also wonders if you could check in with Sadie, my sister’s Bernese Mountain Dog who died in June. Wiki is not sure if dogs and cats get along where you are?? All of us at the Grieder house are thinking of your humans and sending them, and you and Jules lots of love!

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  3. Be happy sweet Lucy, so lovely to hear from you. It sounds as if you have landed in a magical place with many good friends to share your journey 💜💕

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  4. So sorry to hear that Lucy is gone. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her post. I do hope that her brother, Jules, makes a post every now and then to let us know how he is doing. I lost my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback in March and I understand just how difficult a time you must be having. We had him for ten years and the heartache of losing him still has not left me. I’m not sure that it every will. It just proves how powerful an animals love can transcend to its humans. Praying that your heart mends quickly.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. As you well know, it’s an intense time. We are doing ok, and trust that Lucy (and Jules and Toto and Wally and Susie) are thriving in the land beyond. Best healing wishes to you.


  5. I am so sorry to read this. Lucy, please look for my little bitty Kitty and my very dapper Teemu. You will recognize him cause he is the very handsome tuxedo cat you see here in my photo! Kitty will be with him. Bless you, sweet girl.

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  6. Oh dear- I was literally flying home to Australia when you published this post, so I missed it! Farewell lovely Lucy- I enjoyed your feline posts so much- I even told friends about your one white whisker- I hope your Mamas aren’t too sad, but they can cuddle each other, and be certain that you are having a much better time now without your old body slowing you down. Thank you for sharing your adventures with all the readers here on WordPress, and blessings on your Mamas, G xOO

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