Lucy’s Novel Approach

Lucy One WhiteGood morning, its me, Lucy One White.

After a few difficult days, when it seemed that my last life might be expiring, I have experienced a bit of a renewal. My energies are better, and my hearty appetite has returned. Now, I am not going to write a novel about this because as a senior woman cat, I have a great deal of resting to do and do not wish to spend a lot of time writing.

I am feeling better, and my moms have figured out some novel ways to get me to eat and take plenty of fluids. Really good food, offered frequently, with extra water mixed in. I do seem to forget when I am eating, and if I get reminded, it works good. My moms also found that if I don’t eat dry cat food (Tabby, you are right, the vitamin pellets are not good for me), I go to the bathroom better and am a happier cat. Apologies for such an indelicate matter, and its true, I am doing better. I will send my vitamin pellets to the orphan cats at the shelter.

I took Mama Bets on an outside tour two days ago, we went and visited two neighbor yards. I was feeling sprightly and it was nice to see some new stuff and check the messages in their yards. I have my outside drinking stations and some new inside drinkers that I like.

I hope your are all doing well today, and I Lucy am pretty good, too. I have digesting and resting to do and I am going to do these important things now. Good day.

19 thoughts on “Lucy’s Novel Approach

  1. Lucy, this is Marley. I live with Gael and her spousey. Actually, I am here for spousey. I sit on his lap so that he will stay in one place. I let him play Mr. Stick with me and let him clean the latrine. He is good at that. I don’t go outside. It has lots of creatures that would like to eat me. I am glad you are feeling better. I like knowing that there are other of my kind in this world.

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    1. Hi Marley. I am glad to know about you. Lapwork is very important. I do it every day, and am glad that you help spousey to stay still. That is very difficult work. Its impressive how persons can be trained, at least on some tasks!

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      1. I would like to write like you. But getting close to the female is hard. She has to growlers that she calls George and Gracie. They don’t seem very funny to me. Especially when they chase me down the hall. Spousey has set up a doorway that the growlers can’t get through. So I go into that room and laugh at them!

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      2. Ooooh, growlers would be very hard. They worry me a lot, and I am glad I don’t have any in my house. I like your special door, though, that is a really good idea and funny. Maybe you can send your writing information to your female through telepathy. Cats are very good at that.

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  2. Hi Lucy, Dusty T. Dog here. Take good care of your mothers. I, Dusty T. Dog, deeply appreciate that there are humans who are willing to see that my sister, Bear and my new friend, Bailey, have food and water. It wouldn’t be easy without our human in this dog eat dog world, and I mean that literally. Yr. Pal, DTD

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    1. HI Dusty T., I am glad that you have a sister and new friend. Do dogs really eat dogs? I know they eat cats and I am very careful of my neighbor dogs, that’s part of how I got to be 20. I am glad your person takes good care of you. My Moms are doing pretty good, and I do guarding of them every day.

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      1. Hi Lucy, Yes, dogs will really eat dogs if they’re hungry enough and the dogs are small enough. It’s a strange thing and humans don’t understand it, but it was all explained to me by my Siberian husky mother/sisters long ago. They were great hunters. My human says 20 is very old for a feline and she congratulates you and says be careful. My Siberian Husky sister/mother, Lily, lived to be 17. I remember she was very old. Yr. Pal, DTD

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      2. I’m head dog, but last night I had a few “words” with my new brother, Bailey. My human was furious with me and I was wrong. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid I’m going to lose my brother and I think my human hates me. You’re lucky, Lucy. If I were an only dog I wouldn’t have these problems.

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      3. Its hard working out having more persons in your household. I have my doubts that your human hates you (there is a big difference between not liking your behavior and not liking you), and I hope that you can all figure out how to live together. Lucy and her brother Jules lived together for the first 19 plus years of their life. They did not always get along very well. No new residents as it would be too hard for Lucy. She gets a little confused and disoriented with minor changes in the house, and adding someone new would likely overwhelm her.

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  3. So good to see you here Lucy and delighted you are now getting the finest of foods that are easy to chew. Happy resting and digesting and a wonderful weekend to you both from all of us here :o) xxx

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  4. Of course I am right, I am always right. Fast food and convenience food is nothing for a feline. We were once worshipped as gods and pellets are below our values. Keep going Lucy, you will get there. Your feline buddy Tabby.

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  5. Hello Lucy, it is me, Miss Wiki. My humans know your humans and my humans know that your humans love you very much. I, and my humans, are very happy that you are doing better. I am only 8, but I hope that I can live to 20! My humans let me outside in the screened in room to keep me safe from the big dogs they call “Kaiyotees” (I am not a good spelling cat). Those are dogs that eat cats. My humans and I hope you keep feeling good!

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    1. Hi Miss Wiki. I have met your mom Nancy. She is pretty nice. It is nice that they builded you a safe outdoor space to be careful of the yotis. I Lucy do not like dog things of any sort. I only get to go out with a mom now. Makes me a little bit mad, but I do always get a fresh drink, so its okay.


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