And if the clouds weren’t here. . .

Some years back, BA and I were on a trip in Scotland. It was a small tour with a lot of day hikes as part of the trip. Peter was our main guide and a patient and knowledgeable leader. The weather was Scottish, more often than not it was cool and cloudy, and with quite a bit of rain.

We had a good trip despite the weather, with only one hike canceled due to unsafe conditions. Owing the to cloud cover, very often Peter would be orienting the group to our surroundings and would say “If you could see it, over here is.  .   .”. By the end of the trip, I was finding this line very funny through both its repetition and the obvious nature of the circumstances. I’d start giggling when he would say yet again “and if the clouds weren’t in the way”. I don’t think he knew what to make of this. I wasn’t laughing at him, I was appreciating the situation.

It was a beautiful trip, I enjoyed the hikes, and sometime I’d love to go back and actually see the mountains we hiked.  And Peter, just so you don’t feel bad, it happens here in sunny Colorado–this was the view this morning, followed by what it often looks like:

cloudy view

snow in back
early autumn snowfall in the high country


11 thoughts on “And if the clouds weren’t here. . .

    1. Its amazing, isn’t it. When I was in grad school in Chicago, a number of us carpooled in during the first two years. Clouds would obscure the downtown skyscrapers and we’d joke that the buildings were out to be cleaned.

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  1. This made me smile! When we were in Scotland we drove all the way to the Mull of Kintyre, where you’re supposed to be able to see Northern Ireland . . . and I have lots of photos of where it *would* be, if the clouds weren’t in the way!

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  2. Such a funny story! There are so many micro-climates in Scotland, some are much wetter and cloudier than others – it sounds like you had a wonderful time despite not being able to see! ;o) xxx

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