Mundane Monday–Water’s Edge

long beach
Long Beach, Washington October 2017

It is anything but mundane for me to visit the ocean. Its one of my favorite restorative activities. I try and make it once a year at minimum. We made our reservations for Oregon in September this weekend!

For Mundane Monday #167: water’s edge.  From the KO Rural Mad as Hell Blog

6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday–Water’s Edge

    1. Its tough living 800 plus miles from the coast. On the other hand, I see the mountains daily. I’ve considered moving to a coast, but suspect it will be a regular visit instead (more frequently in a few years is the plan)

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  1. I live in the Midwest. We try to get to the ocean every few years. We all love the ocean. Otherwise Lake Michigan is as close we can get to an ocean on a more frequent basis.

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