The Stations of the Cat

Lucy One WhiteHello again, its me, Lucy One White.

Today I thought I would tell you about some important things in my living. I have a lot of stations where I do different things. I keep trying to train my moms about the stations and they sort of get it, but they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, if you know what I mean.

Feeding Stations. I Lucy have stations where I do eating. Feeding Station A is under the dining room table. If I am sitting there, I am hungry and what I am wanting to eat is Fresh Can. Fresh can is exactly what it sounds like, food from a just opened can of my special food. I Lucy do not eat used food, unless I feel like it. Feeding Station B is in the kitchen. I take my medicine, especially cream pill there. I also eat most other foods, like shredded chicken or fish at Feeding Station B. Feeding Station C is in the sitting room where my moms eat dinner sometimes, if they are watching television. I will eat food in there if they are eating at the same time. I will eat what they are eating, if it is chicken or fish.  I Lucy do not eat vegetables or spicy food. If they are having dinner in the dining room, then I will eat what they eat at Feeding Station A. All this eating is of course if I feel like it. I might want to do it at another time. Being a nocturnal animal, I do want night time food, usually at station B, but sometimes I will eat can food at station A.  I think variety is very important, don’t you?

Drinking Stations.  I have written many times about the importance of drinking lots of fluids, particularly for an older cat woman such as myself. My best indoor drinking station is sink drink. My best outdoor drinking station is one of my puddles. These stations are well summarized in Drink Plenty of Fluids if you would like a review.

Observation and Guarding Stations.  One of the important jobs of the cat is to observe and guard one’s territory. I have a number of different stations for this purpose. Front window downstairs is one I particularly like on a summer morning. I can keep track of a lot from there. I also like it because I am behind a blind and that sometimes makes it hard for my moms to find me, which is good exercise for them.

This is me keeping watch over my front yard.

I also do guarding and observing from the upstairs bedrooms, one in front and one in back. There are tables under the windows with cushions, so I can comfortably observe without hurting my little bones. These stations can also double as daytime sleeping stations.

Recently I’ve started using a new outside guarding station, under the table. My brother Jules did serious guarding from this place every afternoon. I do a little bit now since he isn’t here anymore.

Sleeping Stations. As I have mentioned before, it is very important for cats to get Plenty of Rest. I Lucy take this very seriously and have many sleeping stations. My main nighttime station is family bed on top of Mama Steph. Sometimes she does rolling over and I have to yell at her loudly. She usually remembers to roll back so I can get my rest. If she goes to sleep in the other room because she is fussy or something, I will usually go with her and sleep on top of her. In the winter, I sometimes go to sleep in the midlevel of the bed, between the blankets and next to Mama Steph. Its very warm and snug there.

Daytime sleeping, which some call naps is also very important. I Lucy did not get to be 20 years old by neglecting my naps. I nap a lot in the sitting room, where I have 3 stations, my little bed, and the chairs that Mama Bets and Mama Steph do sitting in. I also have a kitty cradle bed by the stairs that I use in the daytime. I like it because I can keep track of things and rest at the same time. Upstairs, I sleep on the end of the family bed, and I also nap on the two guarding stations that I mentioned earlier.

All this writing work is exhausting me. I’ve had my first and second breakfasts now, and it is time for the first nap of the morning. Goodbye.

10 thoughts on “The Stations of the Cat

  1. Lovely! Lucy, you and Wiki need to talk. She has many different stations and her favorite drinking station is in the master bathtub where her staff must keep enough water. She calls it her “watering hole” where she likes to pretend she is a panther…

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  2. Oh Lucy , I just love you and your posts. It could be the one white that makes you so special, but it could be how you know things that are important. Thank you for you wisdom.

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