Many Milestones

This is a time of many milestones in my world.  I chose this word as today is my sister’s 60th birthday. Who knew that little pest would grow up to become a woman who today I enjoy and admire? Very different as children, we annoyed each other mightily, or as I’ve learned to think of it, we loved, but didn’t necessarily like, each other. Over the years, the differences matter less, and have become sources of appreciation. Her social and networking skills that annoyed my nerdy book reading self now are the glue that holds our family together. The rest of us might not get around to our quarterly gatherings otherwise. Happy Birthday, Deb!

On the birthday front, there were two other milestones this month. Lucy the Cat turned 20, and my partner BA was 75. All these biggish numbers, and I am a bit surprised to find them so personally pertinent.

Three thirty year milestones. Two of them occurred last December. I closed on my house 30 years ago. It’s still standing and now in line for its second new roof due to hail damage. My hope after the 2004 hailstorm was that by installing the extra tough hail resistant “50 year” roof I did that I wouldn’t need another roof in my lifetime. Guess I lived too long, which leads right to the next December milestone, that of my mother’s death 30 years ago. The third thirty year milestone is of a more celebratory nature. In August, BA and I will have been partners for 30 years. I am inclined to say I didn’t see that coming, but it would be more accurate to say that I never really considered “how long” as much of a question in this relationship or any other. For now and however long it goes seems to be my approach.

Two one year milestones. I’ve written about both of these recently, having finished the first year of my triathlon training adventure, culminating in last Saturday’s race, and having just completed a year of blogging. Both of these are activities I took on fairly spontaneously last June and I’m happy with where they’ve gone.

One month milestone. The Ragtag Daily Prompt published its first prompt on June 1, part of what turns out to be several options for filling the void left when WordPress discontinued its daily prompts and challenges. I’m happy that Ragtag is up and running and that there are a number of community driven challenges around. Its expanding my connections with fellow bloggers, and I’m meeting new people all the time.

I’m sure there are even more milestones around if I look for them and these are enough for now. I’m happy to be continuing along the way and look forward to reaching milestones, some of which are markers on roads as yet undiscovered. Good journeys to us all!


12 thoughts on “Many Milestones

  1. Some amazing milestones Steph, so many memories to cherish and celebrate. We shall raise a glass to your good health tonight! 🙂💖 xxx


  2. Thank you Sister. You have loved and cared for all of our family unconditionally for decades! You are loved and appreciated by all of us everyday!

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