Drink Plenty More Fluids

Lucy One WhiteHello, its me Lucy again.

Its Friday, so its my day for telling you about Lucy stuff.  Mama Steph makes words for the Ragbags on Fridays, so I’m going to use her word, which is pond. (that’s the Ragtag Daily Prompt for all you non-felines who might be looking for a prompt opportunity–Mama Steph)

Where was I. Oh yes, pond. A pond is like a puddle, which is my favorite place to drink, as I have told you before. For a while, we were having rains and that made good puddles. We haven’t had so much rain, although we did have hail, which was really loud and made a hole in my house, which was scary. I Lucy had to take a nap to recover.

As I have mentioned before, its very important to drink plenty of fluids, particularly for a  small older cat woman such as myself who has some kidney conditions. Indoors, sink drink is the best, or out of my mom’s water glass, but outside water is even better. I Lucy found a new baby pond in my yard last week and I’ve been going outside to get drinks there ever since. Its by where the hose thing lives in the yard, and water grows on its top. I Lucy stand on it and get good drinks. Mama Bets even helps it get extra water on it so I can get plenty of fluids.  Its pretty good.  I let Mama Steph take my picture drinking from it.

Lucy's new pond
This is my new yard pond. I’ve licked up almost all the water, but I will get some more soon.

I haven’t ever seen a real pond. Mama Steph says there are some not so far from my house, but they are too far for me to walk and I don’t go in wheeled vehicles so I Lucy will just have my yard puddle ponds for now.




12 thoughts on “Drink Plenty More Fluids

  1. I agree drinking water is most important, especially with kidney issues. Be careful with the puddles, I have heard of cats getting bacteria from them which causes an upset tummy.

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